Abs of Steel

Our Abs of Steel new bootcamp challenge is on! 

What is it?

We will be performing 4 core strengthening exercises each day Monday through Saturday (Sunday is a rest day) for 5 weeks. Every day we add a few more reps. If you can't make it to bootcamp, do the exercises at home. Follow the calendar below

What kind of exercises? 

1) sit ups:

2) bicycle crunches:


3) reverse crunches:


4) side plank hold (each side) - 3 options:

- on your elbow (feet stacked or one in front of the other)

- with a straight arm (see the note above regarding the position of the feet)

- modified (with one or both knees bent)


What's at stake? 

Bootcamp swag (new color, military green, tanks or t-shirt) and... ABS OF STEEL! 

Why abs?

Because strong core (front and back muscles) is the core of everything: good balance, lesser or no back pain, better posture, you name it, it starts at the core. 

Last day of the challenge?

October 5 (Saturday) - in bootcamp. If you finish ALL the prescribed exercises, a bootcamp tank top or t-shirt will be yours.

Let's do this team! Grab a friend and have them join the fun!