WE're hiring!

We're hiring


Are you a Group Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, Sports Coach, or a PE teacher ? 

We are looking for an outgoing, energetic, passionate individual who can run FUN outdoor & indoor (indoor only till March) group exercise classes in Long Beach. 

We are not all about burpees. We love intensity but also variety, and most importantly, we look for an instructor / trainer / coach with a personality that will invigorate people, especially those training at the crack of dawn (we start early: 5:30am). 

Start date: ASAP 

  • Immediate opportunity for 530am, 6am, 6:45am, 9am and 530pm classes (Monday thru Friday); 
  • Substitute opportunities also available 


  • Experience training/teaching various formats such as but not limited to: bootcamp, crossfit, circuit training, HIIT, boxing/kickboxing (experience in other formats a plus) OR
  •  Experience running a sports practice or track and field training OR a Physical Education class in a school setting 
  • Valid Personal Trainer or Group Exercise Instructor Certification OR special class format certification (e.g. Les Mills, P90X, Crossfit, etc.) combined with some teaching experience (preferred) OR a degree in Kinesiology, Sports Medicine, Physical Education or a related field 
  • Valid CPR certification (or ability to get one within 1 week) 
  • Knowledge how to modify intensity for clients of all ages and fitness levels. 

Pay rate: 

  • $25/1hr class (if less than 6 months teaching experience), 
  • $27-$30/1hr class (if 6 months - 1 year experience) 
  • $30+/1hr class (if more than 1 yr of experience teaching a preferred (bootcamp, HIIT, Crossfit, or similar) group fitness class format in a gym setting) 
  • 45 min session rates are slightly different

Please note: if your sessions gain popularity and receive good feedback from members, you will be bumped to a higher pay rate even if you don't have the experience listed.

  • Plus: 30-50% referral/finder's bonus for every new membership (every new client that you will refer to Long Beach Boot Camp). There is no 'sales' pressure for you to bring in new clients, however if you do, you will get a % of what their membership dues upon signing up. 

Hiring process: 

Step 1: Respond to this job ad by saying which class time (530a, 6a, 645a, 9a, 530p) you would be able to teach (they are 1 hr long each, except for the 645a class). Please note: this is not a full time position, rather a side gig. You would be teaching a 1 hr class per day, more if interested. 

Step 2: We will ask you to attend 3-5 bootcamp sessions (at various times and locations) run by our trainers and ask you to participate in them as if you were a member. We will neither ask you to pay for attending these sessions nor will we pay you to attend them (consider them a free workout). We will work around your schedule to arrange this. 

Step 3: We will ask you to teach a class or two for which you will be fully compensated. If you do a good job (receive good feedback) & we find you a good fit, we will welcome you to the team 

What else to know:

You will be teaching one (1) 45-60 min class. Consider this job as a side gig, not a full time position, that you can do in addition to your current job.

When applying for this position please consider the drive, the distance and the early hours of most of our bootcamps (530a, 6a, 645a but we also have a 9a and 530p sessions) . We are in Long Beach. Our classes are in Belmont Shore, Belmont Heights, Alamitos/Junipero Beach (near DTLB), and Bixby Knolls. Once a week (Friday) we are also in Signal Hill (9am). Check class locations HERE

How to apply?

Please email a summary of your qualifications & experience to info[at]longbeachbootcamp.com 

Basically tell us the following: 
1) Where & when you have been teaching, 
2) What class format (or sport), 
3) What certifications and/or degrees you have (or are pursuing)
4) What you currently do, and 
5) Which class you would be available to attend (as a participant) and possibly cover (as an instructor).

We have 20 classes per week on schedule. Full class schedule is HERE

Check out how we do group fitness on Instagram (@lbbootcamp) 

Have questions? Get in touch! (You do not need to send a resume UNLESS you have one ready).