Boot Camp – Exercise Programs

No boring treadmills or stuffy gyms. Train OUTDOORS with us. Green grass, blue sky, palm trees in the background. And the ocean breeze is our A/C.

If you ever find yourself dragging your feet to the gym or have a membership that you don’t use, well it’s time to change things up and try us. We train is a small group environment which allows us to tailor the workouts to your needs. And most importantly, WE MAKE FITNESS FUN!

Learn more about our sessions by following the link below and just come try it out. You will never want to go back to the gym again!



Soul Fit – Meditation Classes

We have something for the mind too! Our Soul Fit membership offers you daily access to spiritual growth through onsite meditation classes, guided online meditations, soul centered music and deep stretch and relaxation classes. Our membership is designed to relax, de-stress, balance, heal, and enhance your ability to fully engage in your life from a place of loving.

Soul Fit Program is for those who for whatever reason do not attend our bootcamp sessions but want to attend meditation classes.