HERE IT IS! The Alphabet Workout. Spell your name and perform the exercises associated with the letters of the alphabet in your name (first and last, no abbreviations please). If you feel like you can/want to do more, add your date of birth (as in mm/dd/yyyy) and/or a middle or maiden name.

Example: KAROLINA would be:

  • K - 1 min plank hold (low or high - you choose)
  • A - 10 pushups
  • R - 20 pushups

... etc. As always, modify whatever you need to modify. If it says PAIRS do 1-1, 2-2 style. Otherwise count the total number. If it says 1 min count to 60 in your head...1-1000, 2-1000, etc.

If a certain exercise does not ring a bell, do what you THINK it is. Don't over think it. You COULD google it or text me but my best advice is ... just keep going. Below are just some exercises that may need a bit more explanation or, better yet, a photo or a video (if you click on the link).

C - FROG HOPS - squat with arms straight down, hop forward like a frog!

D - POWER JUMPS - difficult exercise, start from a squat position and then jump up as high as you can bending your knees and tapping your knees with your hands. Modify by squatting and lifting one knee at a time

I - POWER SQUATS - a squat meets a jumping jack, move your hands and arms like a jumping jack, add a squat when feet are apart

J - X Jacks - there is a million versions of those if you try to google. What we usually do in bootcamp is: feet together, bend over arms straight down, then jump out like a regular jumping jack with your arms extended making a letter X with your arms and legs. Then bring your legs together and bend over to touch the ground. The more advanced version is with your legs going fully off the ground while in the X position

H - IN/OUTS - in a high plank start jumping or stepping in and bring your knees toward your chest

L - SPIDER LUNGES - in high plank bring your right leg / foot in just outside of your arm, thats a starting position. Then (either jumping or stepping) switch by bringing your left foot in

O - PROWLER SQUATS - there is a story behind this... just do POWER SQUATS (see above - letter "I")

P - WALL SIT - we did 5 minutes of this last summer! 

Q - SHUFFLE SHUFFLE TURN - just like a side shuffle but at the end add a squat with a 90° turn

T - TABLE TOP HOLD - like a high plank BUT with your knees bent at 90° (hips too), knees hovering 2 inches above the ground, not higher

W - SKI ABS - in a high plank, jump with both feet in to your left, back to center then right

X - GOBLET SQUAT + PRESSES - the press would be with dumbbells: hold one or two dumbbells in front of your chest, first squat then come up and lift weights over head. If no dumbbells, move your arms down (tap the floor) as your squatting and then move your arms up as your coming up

Z - HIGH PLANK JACKS - in a plank position (high or low) move your feet like in a jumping jack (or step it out)

Extra Credit - the numbers :

1 - prisoner squats - hands behind your head, kneel with your left knee, then right, then stand up with your left knee up and then right, alternate, go with your right knee first next time

6 - like a jumping jack but your lifting only one arm up AND your crossing your feet

7 - Power knees - just look at the vid

8 - high knees - as if you were running in place but try to bring knees waist-high