Jump Rope Master Graduation

Jump Rope Master Program 


In our 5 week Master program we cover 32 jumps. They are divided into 5 levels. Each level is increasingly more difficult. We dedicate about a week to learn each level. We show you how, cue you on the technique and most importantly we make you practice...over and over again.

How to become a Master?

Take a look at this checklist above. Pick 28 out of 32 jumps. You can skip 4. There are 5 jumps on the list in a different color. You have to be able to do at least 1 of them as part of the 28 minimum. 

We're going for proficiency and not perfection.

You trip, you start again, and again. 2-4 tries. 15-20 sec per jump or trick. Good form. Double-unders... can you get 4-5...?