Jump Rope Master Challenge Overview

Become proficient at jumping rope and earn the Jump Rope Master title and swag!  

Jumping rope is a great cardio exercise that you can do anywhere! And there is more to jumping rope than just the up and down. Once you start exploring the world of jumping you will be amazed how versatile it can be. And how FUN! So we decided to dedicate August to learning. Unlike with the plank hold or wall sit challenges we did in the past, this one is not about increasing the time you perform the exercise, rather it is about:  

  1. learning the fundamentals of jumping,  
  2. getting familiar with different jumps/skips/bounces and  
  3. learning new tricks so that by the end of the month you look like a pro!  

Challenge Overview:  

  • The challenge will be divided into 4 levels. Week 1 = level 1, week 2 = level 2, etc. There are 5 weeks in August. First 4 will be dedicated to learning.  
  • Each week in bootcamp we will learn 5 new jumps/bounces/tricks. The levels will be increasingly more difficult.  
  • Each Saturday the trainer will demonstrate new jumps and will give you a jump/trick checklist  
  • There will be 4 skill clinics: 15-20 minute sessions FREE & OPEN to non-members too (4 Saturdays: 8/8, 8/15, 8/22, 8/29) so you can either catch up or get a head start on the upcoming week's jumps  
  • To earn the Jump Rope Master title and swag you will need to demonstrate to the trainer that you are proficient in all 4 levels (e.g. 50 jumps unless otherwise specified). We will have some margin of error -  this is not about perfection but proficiency.  
  • Week 5 will be a "graduation week". Come to bootcamp and demonstrate you got it! All 4 levels.  
  • September 5 (Saturday) in bootcamp will be graduation ceremony and prizes! If you are out of town that Saturday, you will still get your prize if you graduate in the week leading up to 9/5.  
  • We will be posting a bunch of content in the member only area on our website so you can practice on your own when you can't make it to bootcamp  

What if you can't jump, should not jump or have no interest in becoming a master?  

You should still participate and earn a tank top or t-shirt (though it won't say 'master' on it) by performing no or low impact modifications of the tricks that we are learning suggested by the trainer. There are only 2 requirements to meet to earn your swag:  

  1. get your own jump rope (cordless would be best if you are modifying) and  
  2. perform 1000 reps each day with us in bootcamp or on your own (Mon-Fri). That takes about 12-15min.  

Why do it?  

  • Learn a new skill, challenge yourself with something new  
  • Never again get bored while jumping rope  
  • Look like a pro when jumping rope  
  • Get a great cardiovascular workout and improve endurance  
  • Burn lots of calories  
  • Get free swag or  
  • Simply because ... out of boredom, for fun, you name it  

OK, so what do you need to do now? 

Get a jump rope (we will have several basic ones available fur purchase in bootcamp). Just let us know you need one OR get one on your own (Big 5, Target, Wallmart, Marshalls, etc.) 

Basically, we would recommend a jump rope that:  

  • you can adjust the length of,  
  • that is not a "speed" aka "cable" rope (unless you are already proficient at jumping rope) 
  • is not weighted (not more than 1/4 or 1/2 lbs) or you can remove the weights easily  

There is also a CORDLESS version on Amazon ($15-25) like this one that come with an electronic counter. Cordless option is good for indoor practice or if you are planning on no/low impact modifications. You can attach the cord too if you are ready for more. 

If you are ready to join the fun, plan on coming to bootcamp and/or one of our FREE skill clinics (check schedule here). All active members have access to out member only area where we post challenge related content. Need the access code? Call or text!

Not a member yet? Learn about our flexible memberships here & get ready to jump!