Go Dairy-Free with us!

For only 14 days, not a lifetime! 

Before I explain the crazy dairy-free idea (if you like good dairy products the way I do, you will understand why I call it crazy)... let me pause for a moment with a quick reflection. 

There's about one more month left in the lockdown and hopefully not any longer. That is a LOT of time to make positive changes, learn something new, connect with family and friends you haven't spoken to in a while. Whatever it is, spell it out, make a plan, set a goal and be specific. Make the most out of this situation.

We have gone virtual with ALL our sessions including meditation and it is great to see folks keeping up with their regular workout schedule. Some do even double! (2 workouts in a day!). If you need a little push, make this your turning point. A month is still A LOT of time. Start moving. Set a goal (e.g. 3x a week) and track it! The best part is... you don't need to drive anywhere, you can do it from the comfort of your home!

If you are not a current member, check our schedule here and get a drop-in, class pack or a new members special (2 or 4 weeks). See all options here and START YOUR FITNESS FUN TODAY!

Back to the dairy-free idea... I was going to start this week but doing it SOLO, just like working out SOLO, is NO FUN. So... If you want to challenge yourself to something new, go dairy-free with me starting Monday 4/27! 

Why, oh why, would you want to do it? 

  • lose a few pounds (it's been proven that dairy interferes with or slows down weight loss) 
  • reduce inflammation (any aches or pains?) 
  • see if you can be disciplined (it is JUST 14 days, not a lifetime) 
  • see if you will feel any difference whatsoever 
  • And the last reason being ... out of lockdown boredom! 

So... let me know if you're up for the challenge! Call or text (562-343-5230) or email me with a simple "count me in". The best parti is... you can do it from anywhere! I will be sharing recipes, most common "swap-outs" (e.g olive oil for butter), and offering support throughout the 14 days. There is about 10 of us already, the more the merrier. 

I almost forgot about the most important thing...the COST! Whether you currently work out with us (virtually) or not, there is NO COST of participating in the challenge. Zero. Nada. I WILL have a reward for current bootcamp members for lasting all 14 days but if you don't want to work out with us, that's OK, no pressure. You can still join us!


Let me know if you're in.

Karolina & The LBBC Team