2020 Exercise W4: Just Climb!

Hello Bootcampers!

This week we are going to climb! Stairs, curbs, benches  - anything! 

Perform the following exercises for 1 minute each day of the week Mon- Fri on your own or in bootcamp.

  1. step-ups or box jumps (step or jump on a step, bench, curb, flat stone, etc.)
  2. ladder climbers (standing, imagine you're climbing a ladder - feet and hands move together) EXTRA CREDIT: Do it with weights
  3. walking lunges to a high knee with over head arm extension - 1 min (extra credit - see above)
  4. mountain climbers
  5. stairs - if you have access to any

Dealing with knee or shoulder issues? 

Substitute lunges with deadlifts, mountain climbers with bicycle crunches, and swap stairs for a power walk around a park or block. Increase the number of flights or laps every day (day 1 - 1 flight, day 2 - 2... you get the idea)

Inspire others and be inspired! Check in with your accountability team and report on the progress. Come to bootcamp and let's do these together!

#BetterTogether #SoloNnotFun


1. Step-ups: 

2. Standing ladder:

3. Walking lunges to high knees

4. Mountain climbers