2020 Exercise W1: "Just Move" Challenge Kickoff

Tomorrow (Monday 1/20) we're kicking off our 2020 5-week JUST MOVE challenge! This time it is not about how long you can hold that plank or how many bicycle crunches you can do... The goal of this one is to make fitness part of your DAILY routine (especially if you don't come to bootcamp every day) as well as to learn some (or improve your) healthy eating habits. 

Here is the best part: you CAN do this challenge while traveling or even being sick. You CAN do this challenge ANYWHERE. At home, in the office, in a hotel room, at work, in a restaurant, in an airplane, on a cruise ship, you name it... seriously anywhere. 

I hope I got your attention now... so let me explain the details of WEEK ONE. 

WEEK ONE's focus is JUST MOVE: 

Teams - you will be part of a team of 4-5. You will be communicating with YOUR team via texts on a daily basis (Mon-Fri). You will remain on the same team till the end of the challenge 
Each week you will be assigned 4-5 exercises to do on a DAILY basis (Mon-Fri) 
BEST PART: there will be no required number of repetitions. YOU decide how many reps of what exercise you do AND you will report to your team how many you did. ALL exercises MUST be performed daily (Mon-Fri) 
Let's not forget about nutrition: Lauren will be challenging you with weekly articles to read and quick "TO DO's". Also she will have meal plan ideas. 


That's right! Yes, you CAN do as little as 1 rep of each exercise... so long as you do it EVERY DAY. Hence the name of the challenge: JUST MOVE. 


Because SOLO isn't FUN. And because IT IS BETTER TOGETHER. Because you're more likely to stick with it if you have a team that supports you, motivates you and keeps you accountable. 

So...be a good team mate - motivate, encourage and support your team members. Your team will not succeed without everyone's equal involvement and contribution. 

All weekly exercises will be assigned every Monday. If you can't make it, ask your team what you need to do that week and, most important, REPORT daily to your team on your struggles and accomplishments. 


WEEK's ONE nutrition article & meal ideas are already up on the website. Do your homework, read them, follow this week's TO DO's and MAKE at least ONE MEAL from Lauren's MEAL PLAN LIST available here /top of the page/ (standard diet as well as vegetarian options available). 

Let's kick off the 2020 challenge together! See you in bootcamp!