2020 Nutrition W3- Smart Snacking

Smart Snacking 

A late morning or afternoon snack can be a great way to boost energy and nutrient intake. Or it can be a nutritional disaster (Super Bowl snacks, anyone?). Now that the game is over and week 2 of the LBBC challenge is here, let's focus on choosing snacks that will earn your body and health big points. 

Snack = a small amount of food eaten between meals or a light meal 

Snacks can… 

1.      provide nutrients that may be missing from meals*, 

2.      satisfy hunger between meals, which may prevent overeating, and 

3.      contribute extra calories. 

Why are YOU snacking?  

If the answer is “I don’t know” or “I’m bored”, try a different solution than eating. If you can’t resist those salty or sugary treats in the pantry, don’t buy them at the store next time. Think of snacks as a way to satisfy short-term hunger and enhance health. Snacks are an opportunity to get additional foods and nutrients that may be lacking in your diet.  

What are you eating for snacks? 

Highly processed and irresistible snack foods (chips, crackers, cookies!) lead to overeating and undernutrition. Ditch them and replace with nutritious whole foods. A healthy snack is made up of two or more food groups and usually has a balance of protein, carbs and fat. Combine colors and textures to make them more interesting.  

Snack Tips 

1.      Plan ahead:  purchase and portion several days of snacks at one time. 

2.      Need ideas? Bite into these healthy snacks… 

Veggie sticks + hummus 

Aged cheese slices + pear 

Nut butter + apple slices  

Raw nuts + berries 

Plain/low sugar yogurt + nut based granola 

Spiced chickpeas + dried fruit (no sugar added) 

Sugar snap peas + tahini 

Celery sticks + chicken or tuna salad 

Unsweetened banana chips + nut butter 

Homemade trail mix:  raw nuts + dried cherries + toasted coconut chips + cocoa nibs 

Bell pepper strips + guacamole 

Popcorn + mixed nuts 

Sliced cucumbers + organic edamame + rice vinegar + salt 

Hardboiled egg(s) + fruit or veg 


3.     DO THIS:  Share snack pics with your team! Support one another by sharing pictures of your super snacks by text. What's your favorite good-for-you snack? 

4.     DO THIS:  Snack mindfully. Take a break and focus on your food. Practice gratitude for the good food you are eating and it’s nourishing effect on the body.  

Smart snacking does a body good!