30-Day Wall Sit Challenge is on!

Here we go! The 30-day wall sit challenge is on! Thanks to our fellow member, Christopher Espinoza.

You can do this ANYWHERE! At work, at home, on vacation, in a restaurant, in the park, anywhere.

Here is the full outline of the challenge: 

  • Lean against a wall in a squat position for a prescribed amount of time (day 1: 10 sec, day 2: 20sec, etc.). See the image below for a full schedule.
  • Do it 6 days a week (Mon - Sat) for the next 5 weeks 
  • Take Sundays off (rest day) 
  • Can't come to bootcamp, do it anyway! take a photo and share it so we know you didn't forget (tag Longbeach Bootcamp on Facebook, or LBBootcamp on Instagram)

Not sure what a wall sit is? Take a look at the image to the right. 

NO WALL? NO PROBLEM. Our 9am bootcampers will be leaning against a tree. No tree around you? Find a light pole, street sign or just lean against a car, it doesn't need to be yours.. ;o) 

Let's have some fun with it! Take pictures and share them especially if you couldn't make it to bootcamp. Let us see that wall sit in Paris...London...New Zealand.... or wherever you are. Encourage your friends to do it with you.

Still not sure what a wall sit is? Come to bootcamp and we'll show you.