Un-Block with Yoga Blocks

Marine Stadium Park, 5255 E Paoli Way , Long Beach, CA 90803

Get 'UN- BLOCKED' with YOGA blocks.

Check out our NEW CLASS as we focus on RECOVERY this month! 

When: Saturday, 9/16 @ 930am

Where: Marine Stadium Park, 90903

Who: You, Your +1 and Us (Long Beach Boot Camp) 

In this 45 min class we will move through a sequence of stretches with ●Yoga Blocks● to open up our kinetic chain and:

● Release: blockages, tension, lactic acid

● Realign: hips, spine, shoulders

● Streeeeeetch 

If you have challenges reaching the floor, YOGA BLOCKS will bring the floor to YOU!

Take your stretch deeper with support, while aligning your spine, hips, neck & shoulders. This will improve your day-to-day movement patterns, restoring balance & releasing tension.

👉Join our trainer Lindsay Del Rossi, Saturday, 9/16, and streeeeeeetch. 

Small class setting (class capped at 8 participants) so save your spot and register now 👇 . Click on 'get a ticket'. $10pp.

❗️Members, this class is free for you to attend. Go to class schedule: www.longbeachbootcamp.com/schedule 

🟫 Yoga blocks will be provided to all who register. If you have your own blocks, do let us know! 

Lets streeeeeeeeetch 😁 All you need is a mat.

See you in class!