September Camper Highlight – Carol V.


This month, Carol was chosen as our Camper Highlight because of her incredible effort in making her workouts a priority.  Being the mother of a young daughter, she has often attended class with just a couple hours of sleep and given it her all.  She always has a smile on her face and has a wonderfully warm spirit! Congratulations Carol!

Why did you join LBBC?

IMG_4859I had recently moved to long beach from Pasadena and did not like the gyms in my area.  A co-worker of mine was  a part of LBBC and kept inviting me but, I was so intimidated it took 3 months for me to actually show up to a class. I started at the end of 2010 here and there but nothing official. Then I made it my 2011 NYE resolution and joined the unlimited package. Knowing I had access to so many classes it pushed me to work the hardest ever. I had paid for so many trainers and NEVER did I see the results I did with LBBC nor did I ever feel so motivated by a group of people. 

When we got pregnant I was considered high risk. I continued to work out  until I was 6 months, when sadly I pulled an ab muscle from coughing so hard and was not able to come back.  I tried to re-start again when Amelie was 4 months but, little did I know, a set schedule was NOT in Amelie’s plan.  

So, I officially came back this May. I was so intimidated again. I went from feeling like an athlete to starting over. I  knew I had to start somewhere so I jumped in full force again. First month I did 6 days straight! This was so hard to do. The second month I weaned Amelie off and once again I was not able to push myself the same way. This was the absolute hardest. No one prepares you for the emotional roller coaster ride this takes. If it wasn’t for my commitment to show up, I would have lost it. Working out this hard kept me emotionally stable and allowed me to release it all. The last two months have been challenging trying to find my groove in all this but, I know I can do this.I feel so lucky to have so much support from not only our amazing trainers but my peers who cheer me on when I want to give up.

What is your goal?

I would like to fit into some of my pre-baby clothes! Ok, ok a real one…my goal is to be fit, healthy and embrace the new me. I want to feel and be toned!

What is your favorite exercise? 

You wouldn’t believe it from my huffing and complaining but, my favorite exercise are the days we do bleachers plus any set. On those days I feel like a bad ass! Just knowing I was able to accomplish such a crazy workout it the best feeling ever!

What do we not yet know about you?

Hmm… so much but here is one. English  is my second language. Although I was born here, my parents immigrated here from El Salvador in the early seventies in hopes of a better future and raised me speaking only spanish until I got to school. My father was very clear that I needed to learn both languages at their fullest so he taught me, unwillingly, to read and write spanish before I even started kindergarten. He then made sure I read a ton of English Literature to ensure I was proficient in English too. It was a very strict household but, because of their dedication and hard work, I can proudly say I am 100% bilingual. I am also the first person in my family to attain a college degree.

What has been your biggest accomplishment so far?

I used to say graduating from college since I juggled a full-time job and went to night school for 5 years. Today I can now say that my biggest accomplishment is staying home to raise our daughter Amelie.