Getting Sick & Missing Running

That’s my  name under my twitter account, runthereforeiam.  I will be keeping this short and sweet so I hope that you do not mind, you probably think I write too much and babble on too long most of the time anyway.  I have been fighting an awesome fever, super awesome and feel like I don’t want to do anything, other than write this blog apparently.

I start with the name of my twitter account because over the past week the name I chose a month ago for my new account so that I could partake in “tweeting,” I still don’t even know what it really is or what I am really doing with the account, but anyway the name, the name is SO me and hopefully SO many of you as well!

So, back to me being sick, poor me ?  Due to the incredibly debilitating cold that I have been fighting I have not been able to run for 6 days now and WOW, I mean a big WOW how I miss it!  I truly truly miss it.  Not only do I miss it, but you know the phrase “you don’t know how good you have it until it’s gone,” well that’s totally how I feel about running right now.  I miss the outlet, I miss the sense of accomplishment, I miss the sweat, I mean I even miss my Garmin beeping at me when I fall below my pace.

I am running. Running is me.  I am lost without it.  Running completes me.  I am “so not awesome” when I don’t have running.  I do not sweat radness when I don’t run.  I cannot even partake in the beauty of the runner’s nod when I don’t have running.  I miss running so so much, yes boo hoo and I am so thankful and so glad that I do.  I am so glad that I love something so much and am so passionate about something that is so healthy that 1 week without it and I am a lost soul ?

I hope that all of you out there love it like I do and if you don’t know I hope that you do someday.  If it’s not running, then I truly hope that there is something out there that you love this much…and I hope that it’s not Siri on your iphone.