Benefits of Shopping at the Farmers Market

By Monk Rodriguez

1.  Freshness! The fruits and vegetables you buy will be the fresh and tasty.  They are picked ripe and brought to you directly from the farm skipping any storage and long-distance shipping.

2. Seasonal! Seasonal fruits and vegetables reflect their truest flavors.  Shopping at farmers markets helps you connect with nature’s cycles in our area.

3. Support family farmers! Food production has been taken over by big capitalist businesses whose interest is not in your health, rather it’s in selling you as much food as they can.  Family farmers need our support; they get a better return if we buy directly from them and gives them a chance in the globalized economy.

4. Protect the environment! Shipping contributes to the use of tons of natural resources, pollution, and trash from all the excess packaging. Farmers market food uses sustainable agriculture using methods to minimize the impact on the earth.

5.  Nourishing! You won’t get processed foods or be faced with pesticides, antibiotics, hormones, or genetic modifications. Farmers extend themselves to deliver the most nutritious produce they can by picking it right before the market and growing valuable varieties.

6.  Support humane treatment of animals! Animals and the products that come from them are free of hormones and antibiotics.  The animals are free range, graze on green grass, and are fed natural diets.

7.  Know where your food comes from! Frequenting the farmers markets is a great way to connect with your food.  You have the opportunity to learn about where and how your food is produced by meeting and talking with they farmers.

8.  Have fun!  Shopping at farmers markets can be an enjoyable event, rather than a chore. It’s a great place for community; bring your family and friends, or meet up with other like-minded folks.

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