Your December Power Breakfast

I love breakfast.
I love croissants and warm muffins, and quiche and pancakes with loads of butter.
But since December often finds me eating so many treats at other meals, and in between meals, I need a better breakfast.
I need more than a bunch of sweets and carbs.

I discovered this breakfast while I was doing my whole foods eating plan and eating lots of sweet potatoes.
It became one of my favorite breakfasts, and it still is.
It is simple to make with just a bit of planning ahead.
And it keeps me full and energized until lunch time.

Here’s how to make your December Power Breakfast–also known as spinach, fried egg, and fried sweet potato.
Don’t let the word “fried” scare you.
This is good for you.
And even better, it only uses one pan!
Less breakfast dishes always means a better day, don’t you think?


1 sweet potato, already baked
1 egg
1 -2 cups of spinach
Ghee, olive oil, or other oil of choice

*Bake your sweet potato the night before while you are making dinner.
*I suggest you make a couple of sweet potatoes so you  have some on hand on all week.
*Warm some ghee or oil in a frying pan.
*Take half the sweet potato and put it in the pan. Flatten it with a spatula.
*Cook sweet potato on each side until it is cooked through and getting a little crispy on each side.
*Push the sweet potato to the side of the pan, and break the egg into the pan.
*While the egg cooks, put the spinach into the rest of the pan.
*Cook egg until desired doneness (I recommend over medium, just a little runny because the yolk tastes so good with the spinach and sweet potato.
*Cook spinach until it is just wilted.
*Remove egg, spinach, and sweet potato from pan.
*Sprinkle with sea salt and fresh ground pepper.
*Enjoy your power breakfast!
And keep on Living Fit!