Why I Don’t Work Out Alone


This week when I showed up for my usual Wednesday nigh bleacher class, I was expecting to run lots of stairs.
I was not expecting to run a timed mile.
So when Timmie said we were, I immediately gave myself an out.
“I’m not mentally prepared for this.  We always do these at the end of the month.  I didn’t eat right today. I’m not ready.”
I had a lot of excuses.

Timmie apologized and said she knew she was springing it on us, but urged us to try our hardest anyway.
She drew a line in the dirt and called for us to start.
And off we ran.
Before I was halfway through my first lap, I had decided I was going to beat my mile time.
I just couldn’t not try.
Timmie expected more from me and I hated to disappoint her.
Or myself.
My goal was to break my 8:01 mile time.
I wanted to be under 8 this time.
It was not going to easy.

From the start of the mile, my speedy boot camp buddy Jannee, ran with me.
Jannee’s mile time is a good 30 seconds faster than mine, but she paced me every step of the way.
When I wanted to slow down, she was right there, pushing me to keep going.
And when we rounded the last corner, she said, “do you want to sprint this last part?”
I couldn’t say a word, but just dug deep and ran harder.
She finished ahead of me, and I heard her time was under 8.
What was mine?
Timmie called out, “7:59!” and I collapsed on the grass calling out, “Thank you Jesus!”
It was such a moment of triumph for me.
And I could not have done it alone.


In fact, left on my own, I wouldn’t have tried to run an 8 minute mile at all.
I’d be happy to just chug along at whatever pace felt comfortable, and not too hard.
But Timmie has encouraged me to dream bigger.
She has pushed me out of my comfort zone.
Every month my timed mile has gotten faster.
And. It. Is. Hard.
I hate it  the whole time I’m running.
But when it is done, I’m so proud of what I have accomplished.
It is worth panting for breath, feeling like I might throw up, and the sore, quivering legs.

However, I know I wouldn’t push myself this hard without outside help.
I need a team behind me and beside me.
I need trainers who help me be my best.
I need workout buddies who run alongside me, text me to make sure I’m coming to class, complain with me through endless rounds of burpees with me, and then cheer with me when we are done.
Once I started my LBBC classes, it didn’t take me long to figure out why I never stuck with exercise before–I can’t work out alone.
But Long Beach Boot Camp changed that for me.
It’s so much better with friends!

If you are fortunate enough to be a part of Long Beach Boot Camp, I know you can relate to what I am saying.
Working out consistently and pushing hard is not easy to do.
But being a part of this community makes it easier.
And if you are struggling with regular workouts, may I suggest you find a class time that works for you and commit to attending it faithfully for a month?
Get to know the trainer and campers.
Plug yourself in and reap the rewards.
I promise, it will make a difference.
Keep in mind these words Timmie shared with us at class this week:
“You will either step forward into growth, or step backward into safety.”
I hope you’ll step forward.
Now keep on Living Fit!