What is Sami Grateful For?

In nutrition we covered the things we are grateful for. All that day I thought of all of you and how grateful I am to be your trainer. I decided to take it one step further and pick one person to focus my gratitude on. This week it was Kim

Claridy from the 5:30am crew. As I did my meditation during my run I thought of how grateful I am to wake up in the morning with her. I saw hummingbirds flying all around me, all different colors and sizes. Hummingbirds are the bringers of joy & that is just what Kim brings to those around her. This morning Kim had the best run since her injury 10 months ago. She looked painless and seemed to glide by. I told her how great she looked out there in the early morning dawn and that seeing Dr. Day must be working. She smiled the sweetest smile back at means said, “That, and it must be your gratitude.”. Maybe she could feel my gratitude this week, maybe she is healing, maybe all that matters is this morning she felt the hummingbirds :-)!