Welcome Back Timmie!

It’s been just over a month since Timmie Cordova came back to boot camp as a trainer.
And we couldn’t be happier!
Timmie is known for her hard workouts.
She pushes her campers beyond what they think they can do.
But the thing is, her enthusiasm is so infectious, and her encouragement is so real, that you just can’t help rising to her expectations.
And before you know it, that workout you moaned about when you saw it on the white board at the beginning of class is over, and you did it, and you feel like a rock star.


And even if you didn’t finish it because it was a little much, (read: insane) like Timmie’s bleacher workout last week, she’ll explain that she was just a tad excited when she wrote up the workout, and that all her campers did a great job regardless of how far they got.
Because it was a challenging workout whether you did two rounds or 4, and she is proud of you for what you accomplished.

In the end, that is the thing I appreciate most about Timmie.
She expects a lot from us.
There is always extra credit at the end of her workouts.
I rarely, if ever, get to the extra credit.
But even without it, I never feel like my workout was lacking.
Because Timmie always give me more than I thought I could do, she expects my best effort while I do it, and she pushes me to keep going even when I want to quit.
At the same time, she understands that the process of fitness is just that, a process.
The workout wasn’t a failure because we didn’t complete all the rounds or make it to extra credit.
If we gave it our all, we are in the process of improving.
Every step counts!


And as if all that wasn’t enough, since Timmie has been on her own journey of achieving a new level of fitness after having twins, I think her understanding of the process has grown even more.
She understands where her campers are coming from, the obstacles that stand in the way, and the hard work it takes to achieve goals.
It helps to know our trainers have been where we are, don’t you think?

If you haven’t made it to a 7pm class on Monday or Wednesday nights with Timmie, or a Sat morning class, I urge you to give it a try.
It is always a great idea to shake things up by training with new trainers, and you won’t be disappointed by a Timmie workout.
You will be sore, but you won’t be disappointed.
Welcome back, Timmie!
We’re so glad you’re here!
Now keep on Living Fit!