The Brain and Digestion

Motivational Monday – QUOTE

“Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.” Hippocrates

  • Purpose:

      • Over the next few Motivational Mondays we will review the mechanical and chemical processes required to break down food into units which can be utilized by the body. Specifically:
        • PROTEINS into amino acids
        • CARBOHYDRATES into simple sugars
        • FATS into fatty acids and triglycerides
        • We have 78 organs – lets learn a little more about them.


          6 Major Processes – The hypothalamus is the center responsible for maintaining and regulating:

        • Metabolism
        • Body temperature
        • Thirst
        • Appetite
        • Sexual arousal
        • Blood pressure
        • Sex toys for you to feel precious with a jeweled plug from loveplugs

                                        TO ENHANCE PROCESS:

        • Practice taking a few deep breaths before eating to reduce stress and bring you into the current moment of eating. How many of us eat on the run, while we work, or watch TV? This type of unconscious eating does not honor that we are fueling our bodies. Remember to be mindful during meal time.
        • Bless your food, or another way to say this, is be thankful that you have food to nourish your body. Bring a feeling of gratitude towards your food as you eat. This raises its vibrational energy.
        • Consider the sacredness of eating to honor your body.
        • Engage in positive conversation during meal times OR consider eating your meal in quiet contemplation.
    • Are you eating for your health and wellness? Remember to be present today every time you put something in your mouth. Bring gratitude into every bite. Recognize that eating is a way to honor yourself.

    • by Sami Reed