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Julie Before & After

I have always been an athlete, or at least I considered my self one.  Playing soccer from 8 years old to 18, intercollegiate rowing in college, then getting into the “out of college gym routine”.   In 2007, I became one of those “4:30 am” gym rats, running in ½ marathons and competing in triathlons, but I was not seeing results.

I met Timmie on October 26, 2008 and that was the first day of my new life!  Timmie taught me the basics of eating, and then 6 months later I officially went under her wing and became a client.  Timmie not only pushed me to my limits and I lost 25 pounds, which is a lot for a 5-foot 3inch tall on a good day, 145 pounds, (at the time); she taught me and showed me a life style change.

Timmie gave me a goal 122 pounds and 19% body fat, I started at 145 pounds 28% body fat, I told her she was crazy! Well 1 year 6 months later I was 122 pounds 19% body fat.  I have not only kept the weight and fat off I am in the best shape of my life, at the age of 32.  Timmie gave me the confidence; tools and motivation to change my life and reach goals I never thought I could reach.