My Best Body Pledge


It’s not a new journey so I can see the finish line and know that the paths to get there will be what I make them. Loving, gentle, challenging, exciting, learning, adventurous, and a chance to reinvent myself again from the INSIDE OUT.  Who doesn’t want to feel and look their best!                                                                          What would you be doing differently if you were thriving in a lean, firm, strong, balanced body? This year is my year to pledge an oath to myself and all those reading this to dive into being as healthy as I can be in every way – mind, body, and spirit (not leaving any part behind).  I pledge to fuel my body with food that will nourish it. I pledge to move my body in ways that thrill and challenge it. I pledge to live in conscious thought filled with loving kindness starting with myself and extending to those around me. This is a Mind, Body, Spirit approach to wellness, this is from the INSIDE OUT.  I encourage you to join me. Together we can explore, learn, and become all we were meant to be.  I can feel the finish line and yet the journey has just begun…BRING IT ON!


Pick a food regimen that you can fully get behind. At Long Beach Boot Camp (LBBC) we are recommending two food plans (details on website): The 40 Day Green Cleanse starting on January 11t – late sign up until January 17th and The Whole Life Challenge starting January 21. If you don’t pick one of those find one that you can stick to and inspires you. Remember the goal is to eat cleaner, more nutritious, and to make self-honoring choices.

Today is the first day of The 40 Day Green Cleanse and I am soooooo happy to be on this journey.

2016 was the year of graduating with a Bachelors and a Masters Degree, working, finding my way back to Long Beach, and being a full time mommy. I can check all that off my list!

2017 is all about living in MY BEST BODY and devoting myself not only to my family, but to my job at LBBC and Elevate Corporate Wellness.

I have been pre-cleansing for the past 2 weeks. Which means I have cut out alcohol, sugar, caffeine, and all processed foods but have kept in colorful veggies and fruits. I have LOST a total of 9 LBS! I lost 8lbs in week 1 and 1lb in week 2. This is normal. The key is to keep on going no matter what. Some weeks the pounds shed off like sweat rolling down my face after a hard work out. Other weeks they don’t budge much. As much as I would love to lose eight pounds every week, the body doesn’t work like that. Over the years I have learned to respect my beautiful body and honor it for all that it does for me. I have more energy, sleep better, and I am feeling more and more like myself. What we put in our mouth makes all the difference. I love the quote, “Every time you eat or drink, you are either feeding disease, or fueling health and wellness.” I choose health and wellness, you?