Common Experiences – Week 2

I am NEW to Boot Camp – What should I expect this week?

Expect to be tired.

You are challenging your body in a new way and it may not be on board yet. Give it another week – it will catch up and realize that putting energy in means getting MORE energy out! – Make sure you are getting adequate rest for recovery.

Expect to feel GREAT in week 3!

It takes being consistent before you get improved energy levels from all that work your are putting in. Keep it up!

Expect to be somewhat faster in your warm up run

Expect to feel more coordinated in your movements

Expect to notice your recovery time getting quicker

Expect to be managing some muscle soreness with hydration, stretching, foam rolling, rest and proper nutrition.

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Every fitness program has people who pay the $ then just stop coming. Statistics tell us that this week (Week 2) is when you are most likely to drop out. Don’t do it! ?

If you did too much too soon or if you’re just not used to being sore, talk to your trainer. Be gracious with yourself. Get out of your own way and just get to class. See your commitment through to the end. You will be PROUD OF YOURSELF!
If you have missed a class or more, come on back to finish strong. We miss having you!