3 Cheers for Bernice!

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On Monday night my friend Bernice ran her first mile without stopping.
6 months ago when she started Boot Camp she couldn’t run at all.
And now she has run a whole mile at once!
Isn’t that awesome?!!
With regular, Boot Camp attendance and hard work, Bernice has also gone from being on 3 blood pressure medications to 1.
She has lost weight and inches.
She works hard every class and I have loved watching her getting stronger and faster with every passing week.
For example, in Monday’s class, Bernice ran that first mile, plus another 1.8 miles over the course of class.
And then she did the rest of Timmie’s formidable Detox Monday workout.
That is no easy task, I assure you.
Go Bernice, go!

Getting fit isn't easy. 
It requires commitment.
And a lot of hard work.
Sometimes it feels like slow going.
But with determination, you will see results.
And it will feel so good!
I'm sure Bernice can attest to that.

Seeing Bernice’s glow after class reminded me of this quote my kids and I recently read in the book, Swiss Family Robinson.
An unlikely spot for workout inspiration perhaps, but the quote really resonated with me:
We believed nothing to be impossible if we set about it with patience and a determined will.
So remember, whether its your first mile, your second, your 13th, or your 26th, keep at it.
It wil take time, but the pay off is so worth it.

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And next time you see Bernice, be sure you celebrate with her.
We are so proud of you Bernice!
And we can all be inspired by the strong, motivated people we work out with every singe day at Long Beach Boot Camp!
Now keep on Living Fit!