What Recipes Will You Choose?


What recipes do you choose? When trying to find what to eat for dinner or Thanksgiving…I go to google!

Google knows me so well! I say hmmm…. what do I want tonight?

I type in whatever I have in the fridge “turkey” and “recipe” and “healthy” and shazam! There are thousands of recipes to follow! Now not all recipes are “healthy”, however, I can tell if they are adding butter, I can add a little olive oil. If they are using a lot of cheeses, I can use a little bit of cheese. It the calorie count is really high (over 400-500) for 1 serving I see if I can doctor it. If not, I look for another recipe. They have so many recipes and many are “quick”! You have to love google. Making the world a place that we can have whatever we need from the 4 walls of our own home and kitchen!

This Thanksgiving, check out some options that you can do with your turkey! I use “allrecipes.com” a lot and just alter as I need to. For Thanksgiving dinner, they have main dishes, side dishes, appetizers and more. Check out their website and see if you can impress your family with a tasty and healthier dinner!