The Three Secrets to Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution

As the new year has started, many of us have made resolutions and most of them have to do with our bodies. We want to get fit, lose weight, have more muscle, look better than our neighbor, or just be healthier. And statistics show over half of us with those resolutions will forget about it or give it up before the end of January (sad but true). Most of the time it’s because we pretty much thought we were going to flip a switch and everything was going to happen, but life unfortunately doesn’t work that way. Today you’re in luck, I’m going to share with you the 3 secrets to keeping your New Year’s resolution!

1) Make a plan for it!

A lot of people forget that a resolution is really just a goal and has to be treated as such. Goals without plans are just wishes. Be proactive! If your goal is to lose more weight, find out how to best go about it. Walk more, make it to bootcamp more, take a healthy cooking class, most importantly: Eat better!! Working out or getting more active is only a part of it. If you work out one hour a day that only equals 4% of your day. What are you doing the other 96%. Have a plan and make it happen!!

2) Put it out there!

If you keep your resolution secret, nobody knows about it and you can take failure more easily. Tell people you’re going to lose weight or get toned. By putting it out there you’ll think twice about eating unhealthy or skipping that workout. You don’t want to be made a liar. I’d go so far as putting it on Facebook, telling co-workers, family & friends. Put it out there and Declare It!!

3) Have a strong support network.

This goes with putting it out there, once those around you know of your goals you can ask them if they can help you reach your goals. Surround yourself with people who believe in what you’re doing and want you to succeed. This is what’s great about our Boot Camp! We’re a big family that is very supportive and if you need help with anything, we’re more than happy to help. Maybe it’s someone who comes to the same classes or maybe you need a trainer to send you reminders, Let us know! What can also help is if someone you know has the same goals as you do! Have them join Boot camp!! You can hold each other accountable and attack your goals as a team.

So if you’re serious about your new year’s resolution and you follow these 3 rules you’ll definitely have success! We’re serious about helping you as well, so lets make this happen! And don’t forget: We’re always available to help. Let’s do this together!!!!