The Power of Being Part of a Team


There is a lot of buzz around Boot Camp right now.
The Life Body Core Challenge started this weekend.
We began with a group workout–the 100s.
As soon as I walked onto the quad at Wilson, I felt the energy in the air.
It was palpable.
Everyone was excited to get started: with the workout, our healthy eating plan, and all the rest of the Challenge.
We stood in line for measurements.
We lifted our shirts and got our fat pinched, took off our shoes to get weighed, and then took those shirts all the way off for our “before” photos.
We cheered each other on through squats, crunches, and the dreaded burpees.
When I needed a boost of moral for those brutal, sprints, friends ran alongside me to help me finish.
And as people ran back to their mats on that final push, there were cheers of encouragement for them.
We were all in it together.
It was great to be a part of the team.

For me, one of the best parts about this Challenge, and being part of Long Beach Boot Camp, is being part of a team.
After many years of trying to make regular exercise a regular part of my life, and failing miserably at it, I have discovered one of the major reasons for that failure:
I was trying to do it alone.
And that didn’t work for me.

After finding the kind of exercise that works for you, I think the second most important thing for achieving success in fitness is to be a part of a team.
And I don’t mean being part of a basketball or baseball team.
I just mean finding a group of people who will stand behind you, support and encourage you, push you, and hold you accountable.
They are your team.
You can be vulnerable with them because you know they won’t judge you for being weak or slipping up.
You can share your goals with them and know they will encourage you to meet them.
You can ask for help when you know you need it, and they’ll send you a text like this at 5 in the morning:


Thanks for this, Megan!
It got me to the hill on a morning when I very much didn’t want to.

It took me a long time to have the courage to ask for the phone numbers of my fellow Boot Campers.
After all, we only workout together, can we really share numbers?
Heck yeah we can!
That might mean the difference between a missed workout or a made workout.
More than once, I have texted Boot Camp friends to say, “I don’t feel like going to class” and the texts I have gotten in return have motivated me to go.
Making plans with my fitness friends, knowing they are expecting to see me in class, helps get me to class on those hard days.
But if you aren’t ready to share your number, then start with Facebook.
Its such a great place to share our triumphs and inspire each other to push harder.
How can you not be excited when you see the Extra Mile Club glistening after running bleachers and their extra mile, or Jen B. hitting another 600 calorie workout?


In the end, it’s all about opening yourself up and being vulnerable.
It takes courage to come to Boot Camp the first time.
It takes courage to come back the next time.
It takes courage to ask for support and help.
But imagine what good can come if you do!
A few posts ago I shared my hopes and fears regarding running a half marathon.
Since then, I have had numerous people encourage me to run one, sharing their own race stories with me.
I have had advice about beautiful, doable, or fun races to try.
I’ve had concrete offers for help to train.
I feel empowered.
And I’ve decided to sign up for the Long Beach Half next October.

Whether you are doing the Life Body Core Challenge, or just a regular Boot Camper, I hope you’ll reach out to other campers and start building a team.
You can start with me.
Find me on Facebook: I’m Greta Eskridge.
I’m looking forward to being your teammate, and to cheering you on in your fitness goals.
Keep on Living Fit!