The Benefits of Regular Meditation

What is Mediation Good For? 


Think about how busy we are in this country. With endless to-do lists and pendingobligations forever in the forefront of our thoughts, our minds can at times feel busier than traffic on the 405! Meditation allows our minds to be still and in silence without stimulation. At first it may feel challenging to sit still for long, or find that you’re able to get comfortable not doing any one of your other tasks, if this sounds like you we suggest you start with a guided meditation first.

What is meditation good for?

  1. Meditation is good for relieving stress and finding clarity in situations we are unsure of.
  2. Great for balancing emotions, dealing with external and internal physical or psychological stressors.
  3. Brining an overall sense of calm, peace and balance.
  4. Increased self-awareness, staying in the present, reducing negative emotions, building skills to manage stress
  5. May even be good for: Anxiety disorders, asthma, cancer, depression, heart disease, high blood pressure, pain and sleep problems.

When should I meditate?

  1. Right when you wake up: One of the best times of day to meditate is first thing in the morning. It sets you up to have a great, more intentional and calm day.
  2. During your lunch break: Carve out part of your lunch time to sit in stillness and refresh for the second half of your day.
  3. Right after work: Before your drive home, will give you more patience during traffic. Or after your commute to unwind you from the traffic so that you are clear and calm when you are home with your loved ones.
  4. Schedule it daily: Not sure when you can fit it in? Make the time for it and carve out some time for you and your stillness. Add it to a calendar of phone alarm so it will alert you when it’s time to meditate.

Yes, there’s even an app for this!

  1. Meditation Apps: headspacethe mindfullness appinsight timmer or others.
  2. Medation Websites: Deepak Chopra