Today  is the start of my second week of Running Boot Camp and it has been more than what I expected.  First of all, thank you Shannon in showing me the opportunity and having faith in me.  Also, Thank you Timmie for guiding me through and Jo, thank you for doing what you do.  I also would like to acknowledge the Running Boot Campers that decided to give me a shot after Timmie’s departure. I know that without you, I most likely would not be writing this.

Overall, we are part of a great team. I believe that energy, passion, and inspiration is common within an individual and team that loves what they do.  Work becomes a daily platform of inspiration, creativity , and joy and I am definitely feeling that.  I feel inspired to contribute to the Long Beach Boot Camp and Running Boot Camp team. Running for me has been key in achieving my fitness and life goals. I am excited to share my ideas, knowledge , and experience with you in your running journey.

HGC baby! (My Running Boot Campers know what I’m talking about)

~Armando Hart