Success Favors the Prepared

By Alex Cowling

Here are some tips for staying on top of your nutrition goals:


1. Plan out your meals! This way there’s no guessing when you realize it’s time for dinner and you’re famished. When you already know what’s on the menu, you won’t be as tempted to get a quick bite. A great way to enjoy preparing your meal is to already be in the mindset to do it! Which brings us to tip #2.

2. Visit the grocery store before you’re starving & tempted to grab something you’ll regret later. Stock up for the week with fresh fruits, vegetables, meal fixings and healthy snacks. And speaking of snacks…

3. Keep easily accessible healthy snacks with you when you’re out as well as at your house so when hungry strikes you’ll be ready to stick to your plan! This is a BIG one and we can’t stress it enough. Unhealthy snacking will make it seem like any work you put into nutritional meals and working out isn’t working. It’s also easy to lose track of how much you’ve eaten when you “just have one more.” Note: even healthy snacks require a degree of  moderation. Too much of anything, even a good thing, is still “too much.”

4. Call ahead or check online to see the companies in austin texas for you to consider visiting have. Committing to eating healthy doesn’t at all mean the end to social outings. It just means you must be more aware of what you put in your body. But while on the topic of bodies…

5. Your body is your temple. The fuel you supply it with is sacred. We’ve all heard it before, “You wouldn’t put sugar in your gas tank” and expect it to run right? Well, similarly it’s helpful to think of your body as a machine. The better quality fuel you supply it with, the better its going to perform! It’s as simple as that! In some cases, what’s the most simple isn’t the only option however…

6. Try new things! Often when we commit to “eating healthy” we somehow believe we are committing to “depriving” ourselves from most, tasty foods. However there are a wide array of exciting, fun and, most importantly, healthy recipes and foods available for us to try! The common fruits and vegetables we grew up with are great, but eating what feels like “the same thing” repeatedly may lead to excuses for breaking your regimen. There are SO MANY incredible recipes! Explore what’s out there and have fun eating right!