twho, twhat, twhere, twhen and twhy??  …i apologize for the t’s but I just learned how to tweet, wait no that’s a lie, I just created my first twitter account and the more accurate statement would be that I have no idea how to tweet but WOW am I trying! I figure at the very least I might say one thing or even one word that resonates with one person and THAT alone makes me smile ?

So why start with the tweet tweet tweet?  Let’s back it up, when I initially created my twitter account many of my alias’ were already taken and to think I once thought that I was original, right…anyway, “i’mkindofawesome@running” was too long, “iheartrunning” was already taken, “iamarunner” was not only taken but also had every variation of it taken as well including “iamnotarunner,” so I FINALLY eneterd “runthereforeiam” and bingo it worked! So where did I come up with this name?? Well, I am so glad that you asked, I have in many ways related much of my identity over the past 10 years to my running, so I am a runner, I identify with runners, running completes me (thank you Jerry MaGuire).

Going from a 160lb desk addict to a 120lb run addict there seemed no better fit than to say to myself “i run and thherefore I am.”  Changing my career, my lifestyle, my LIFE was through my daily task of getting up every morning before the sun, lacing up my confidence and pulling myself out the door one goal at a time through the outlet of the old and simple sport of running.  Running had become a big part of my life and me so what better name than “runthereforeiam” for my twitter account.

I want to thank all of those runners and non runners who stole all of my tweet creativity leaving me in the end with no other choice than to use the most fitting name of all.  The name that in the end I would say fit like a glove.  I mean I can just roll out of bed throw on a pair of shorts and shoes and be out the door doing what I love so much, well love/hate would be more accurate…again, look at me, there I go again trying to lie…I can just go run! No gear necessary! No fancy devices necessary, just me, my sneaks and enough coverage to not harm the eyes of the passers by.  No need to count my mileage on a daily basis, time shmime, just run! Just run and sweat and be home in time to get ready for the daily grind, now how freeing is that?

Now to all the runners who pass by don’t forget to always give the runner’s nod or the runner’s hand or even the runner’s “i run therefore i am nuts just like you” hello because we all know who we are and why we run and therefore we ARE runners!!