Runner’s Nod

So what exactly is the runner’s nod? The runner’s wave? The runner’s 2 finger relaxed peace sign? The runner’s tired and exhausted “hey?”  You know what I’m talking about, well if you run you do, you know that quick acknowledgement that you are a rockstar because you are on a run, in the rain, at 5am, under the stars…no matter what…you are running.  You know that “I know what you are feeling right now,” look, wave, stare.  It’s this great, amazing and encouraging moment that runner’s share as they pass by one another.  It’s this awesome sense of acknowledgement that you should be proud of yourself, and you should darn it!!  It’s this funny “I am nuts just like you” look.  This silent high 5.  This distant pat on the back because you should be proud of the fact that you are on a run while so many others are on the couch, still in bed, at the bar but not you, nope, at this very moment YOU are on a run.

I find this simple sense of acknowledgement so real and organic.  We are surrounded by fitness apps, youtube workout videos, fad high instensity workouts, fancy gadgets and an entirely complicated health and fitness world where there are so many opposing ideas about what is good for us, what is bad for us, what burns the most calories, what is the most hard core workout, what is the best workout and how you should get from couch potato to fitness model in ten easy steps.  What?  Really?  How is this even realistic?  …and…if we succeed in 10 easy steps how much have we really even learned to keep it up?  How emotionally draining…and what about injury?  What ever happened to the simple act of running?  You throw on an old pair of shorts, one of your many slogan t-shirts and a pair of shoes fitted just for you and you just go.  You walk out your door and you just run, maybe you go 30 minutes and then you turn around.  Maybe you go for 3 miles, or maybe you even run to your favorite coffee shop and back.  Such a simple, amazing and therapeutic work out that is free of gizmos and gadgets.  Running has been around forever and will be around forever.

The simple act of running is not going anywhere.  No matter where you are, you can go for a run. No matter where you are running you will pass someone that relates in some way, maybe they are on a run too, maybe they just finished a run, or maybe they are envious of what you are doing.  The next time you are on a run and every time you are on a run give the runner’s nod a try.  You may very well make someone’s day and they may make yours.  Such a simple act that means a great deal.  Positive reinforcement and acknowledgement is a simple need that we never grow out of.  This is something that no matter our age we need it.  So, be a giver and the next time you are on a run give it a try.  You should be proud of yourself and so should they so let them know and they will let you know.  Tell them without words that they are doing good and they should be proud.  THIS very act will encourage them to get up the next day and do it all over again, and this very act will encourage you to do the same.

Just like the movie “Forest Gump” running is contagious and incredibly rewarding.  It is something we can do anywhere and with anyone or alone if we choose.  It is a true sport where we can all motivate one another without even knowing one another.  There are no time outs, no tap outs and no half times…it is a true and simple sport where all those who partake can relate.

No excuses!  Just get out there and run!  And if you can’t run then walk and if you can’t walk then just get out there…it’s not too expensive, it’s not too far of a drive to get there, it’s not closing, it’s not going anywhere so sorry no excuses in the world of running, they do not exist so tell yourself that you can and just do it! GO RUN!

(insert runner’s nod here)