*Results vary per individual.

Glen Before and After

Serious about training?  Timmie is your girl!  She will drive you way beyond where you ever thought possible and you will absolutely love the results!  In 6 months she has changed my life totally, taking me from “let’s pretend that I am exercising,” to a total exercise freak.  From not running to running 11 miles and heading for my second half-marathon.  I continue to win my age group and I only get faster as time with her continues to pass.  Add the “feel good” factor into the mix and she has one very happy and satisfied client.  Also add that she’s pretty nice, sweet, friendly, funny, caring and supportive and you get the whole deal.  What more could you ask for from your personal trainer?  She does the job and she does it very well – no other trainer could cut it with me.”