*Results vary per individual.

You ask and you shall receive! Many of you have asked for my personal “before” and “after” pictures so here you go!

I too have been where you are or were or perhaps where you want to be. I was someone who worked out all the time and ran my butt off, but never saw results. So what changed? My routine is eat clean 6 days a week, incorporate 5-6 days of weight training and 5-6 days of some of cardio along with the weights. I have one cheat day and always at least one rest day. I have been following this pretty darn close for the past 7 years and have fluctuated only 5 lbs up or down since then. At my heaviest I was 165lbs and over 30% body fat and at my lowest I was 119lbs and 15% body fat. We all can. THERE IS NO SECRET. All you have to do is find what works for you and stick to it. Not something that you do for 3 months, but something you can maintain for life. For me it was about a lifestyle choice and change and not a fad diet.

*Results vary by individual