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Camper: BMurray

I am my own worst critic. A skill perfected by millions of women before me. Through the fine art of psychological projection most women also have the skill of putting each other down. However, there is hope for all of us if we resolve to evolve. Boot Camp is a place where women can come together, free of worries and image standards. At 5:30 in the morning we are all beautiful. Deep inside we all know we’re capable of great things and you help us remove the road blocks to achieve our goals. In two short weeks you have taught me that “I can do it.” I feel like you’ve allowed me to remove the training wheels and live the rest of my life a happy, healthy, strong and beautiful woman. On behalf of my daughter, who now has a great role model, and women everywhere, I THANK YOU. Because of you we can all be better friends, wives and mothers.
Thank You Coach Shannon