Nutrition: Treat Your Body Well

Nutrition – Treat Yourself Well

by Jo Hendrix

Nutrition is THE most challenging behavior to change.

Why? Because it is such a BIG part of our lives.  Culture, family life, social scene, work environment, holidays, celebrations, pleasure, comfort, convenience, habit & addiction – these are all aspects of why many people find it so difficult to change their nutrition habits.  Not only is it THE most difficult behavior to change, but it also plays the lead role in changing body composition (70-80% of this act is ALL nutrition).

As much as we, as trainers, would like to say that working out is going to get you there – chances are that it won’t happen if you are unwilling to change your nutrition.  Start by making small changes.  The small changes will feel good & you will want to make more.  Pretty soon you will find yourself confident & proud of your nutritious lifestyle.

Change is not always easy.  You have to want it.  You have to plan.  You have to be consistent & diligent – & remember that science wins. Ditch the faulty mentality that you can eat whatever you want because you work out. You can revisit this idea once you have reached your goal weight, but chances are you won’t want the same foods once you get there.

The good news is that when you work out & feed your body nutritious foods, it begins to crave healthy & nutritious foods.  You will be hooked on how much more energy you have from eating more fruits & vegetables.  You will realize the sluggishness you feel when eating junk is just not worth the temporary gratification.  Eating smart is actually about treating yourself well. Be good to yourself by fueling your body with proper nutrition.  Put your knowledge into action. If you don’t yet have a good grasp of nutrition, please review the nutrition tools we have provided for you.

The Nutrition Packet is not only Nutrition 101, but it also has great practical suggestions. It has meal suggestions and it gives you steps to start being a diligent & consistent food journaler – helping keep you accountable to yourself. Why do we make such a big deal about journaling? Because it works. But also because if you are not seeing results and don’t have a journal, we really can’t help show you what you could be doing differently. Be honest – write it ALL down – yes, the calories we eat when no one is looking or that come off our kids plate count too ? write it ALL down.  Are you drinking enough water? Oftentimes we mistake thirst as hunger. Journaling can help us realize how much or how little we are truly drinking, eating, and when we go for long gaps without food only to make poor choices.

The Calorie Calculator is a great tool to determine your daily calorie range.  It brilliantly does the math for you so we don’t have any excuses!  NOTE: Re-enter your numbers to see what your daily intake should look like now if you have lost weight since your last calculation.  If you need help, we are always here.

Take a moment to write down your goals.  Why are you changing your life?  What do you want?  What is this change going to mean to you?  Put this list in sight in mind – on your bathroom mirror, on your fridge, carry it with you in your back pocket. Perhaps you pick a bracelet to wear to remind you of your goals – when you reach for something it will come with the reminder to treat yourself well, to stick to your goals, and to be the person you were meant to be.

Whenever you need support, motivation, someone to celebrate with or to get a pat on the back from – we are here. We want to see you succeed & can’t wait to see that confident & fit athlete start to blossom.

“Change doesn’t take time, change takes commitment. Once commitment is made, change is instant.”