Nutrition: Eating for the Season

Benefits of eating for the season:

  • Seasonal FruitLess Expensive – when you purchase items that are in season. No one had to grow the
  • More Nutrients – Not Shipped from 1000’s of miles away.
  • Better for the environment – reducing the carbon foot print
  • Better Tasting – Not bruised, squishy & tired from being crated for 1000’s of miles
  • Better Variety – Trying new veggies every few months!
  • More Natural – Eating the foods that are in season is more natural for the body. Not just based on cravings.
  • Better for you – packed with nutrients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants
  • Better for entertaining – purchase items that are seasonal and spice up your dinner party!

Wondering how to determine what’s in season?

  1. Go to farmers markets – they only carry what’s in season.
  2. Google what’s in season for the month
  3. Check what’s in season here: Seasonal Produce