My Fitness Pal


We love how many people are getting awareness and accountability through MyFitnessPal!
Tracking helps you lose 2x the weight & 3x as much when you have support from friends – how’s that for motivation?! ?

– Use My Fitness Pal online or on your phone app. FREE!
– Find someone in class who is using it too. Stay connected and accountable!
– Easy entry

Set Reminders
Barcode Scanner
Frequently or Recently entered items
Copy a friend’s meal to your diary
+ Meal Saver


1) Get most of your calories by 4pm & have fish & veggies (low glycemic) for dinner.
2) Use our Calorie Calculator to determine your daily calorie goal.
3) Customize your calorie goal to your Minimum Calories or +50 kcals.Go online to Settings > Goals > Change (for iPhone More > Edit Profile)
4) Add your exercise. Boot Camp = Circuit Training (general).
5) View Daily or Weekly Totals vs Goals – includes graphs & pie charts!
6) Change ‘Snacks’ to ‘Snack 1’ & + ‘Snack 2’ & ‘Extras’
Go online to Settings > Diary Setting  > Meal Names


Get social and get even more accountability…

Friend us!

Jo Hendrix       username: hendi888
Shannon Paul   username: shannonpaul1
Sami Reed       username: samireed

Diary Sharing Settings > Share with Friends Only

Extra accountability
Meal ideas from friends!
Request feedback from staff


Get the Fit Bit Ultra which is not only a pedometer, but also an altimeter & calorie tracker for your expenditures which you can link with My Fitness Pal. NOTE: It’s not accurate to the T, but it’s another great awareness tool to help motivate you. Cheers!