Meal-Planning Part 2: Involving the Family

By Lindsay Del Rossi

We hope this subject matter brings the whole family together and gets everyone involved. We all know how important physical activity is for our family, but studies have shown that eating healthy can improve moods, sleep, skin and behavioral issues, as well as ADD symptoms.

Here are some tips to incorporate a healthy diet into meals with our families:

  • Go shopping together!  Take several hours and pack your patience. You have the knowledge now it’s your duty to share the wonderful things you have learned. Encourage questions and answer your families questions. If you don’t know the answer do your research. You might learn something new ?
  • Cook together!  GET DIRTY  in the kitchen, make a mess and BE OKAY with that. Kids love to eat what they have made because they have pride and have learned the value of food preparation.
  • Keep healthy snacks in the cupboards. If you wouldn’t eat it then why would you feed it to your family?
  • Have a selection night where a family member picks from a variety of healthy recipes.(i.e.
  • Make food prep and cooking fun and enjoyable. Play music in the kitchen with the best speakers from this z906 review, have rewards for healthy choices (a sticker chart, movies and games.)
  • Eat dinner together as often as possible. There is no substitution for consistency. Creating a healthy atmosphere around food is one of the best gifts you can give your family

Be well and happy eating!