Marathon Day

I ran the 1/2 marathon!
And so did many of you, my fellow Boot Campers!
I’m so proud of us.


It was one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life.
Crossing that finish line, arms raised, tears, yes tears, running down my cheeks, I felt like I had just conquered the world.
It was a wonderful feeling.


The race didn’t go as I had planned.
My knee locked up at mile 6, and I thought I’d have to quit.
I limped for a while, then ran really slowly, walked when I couldn’t run any more, and then ran again, until I crossed the finish line.
It was hard in a totally different way than I expected it to be.
But I learned a lot.


And as soon as it was done, as we limped home, all I could think of was healing my knee and running another race.
That’s what runners do, right?
I guess I’m in the club!
If you want to read the whole (longer) story of race day, please check it out on my personal blog, here.


And to each of you who ran that race along with me, I congratulate you.
Some of you PRed, accomplished hard goals, or simply used this race as a stepping stone to the next one.
Whatever the race was for you, you ran it and you  are rockstars!
I am honored to work out and be in community with such a group of amazing athletes.
Until our next race, keep on Living Fit!