Jump Out Of Bed!

Remember when we were little. There was so much energy bursting at the seems, it seemed like we couldn’t wake up fast enough! If you are still like this…give yourself a pat on the back. Congratulations are in order!

If you are like the rest of the population, jumping out of bed sounds great…but how do we get there. Typically we wake up to an obnoxious alarm, skip breakfast and grab a coffe instead, calling it breakfast, grab lunch by noon and crash by 3pm with only a nap on our mind.

Oi…Let’s get energized! Read the tools to help you stay energized!
  1. Try a Phillips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock

  • These are amazing! I now wake up to a soft light that gets brighter as it’s time to wake up. If i still don’t wake up, then the chirping of birds gets me out of bed ? It’s amazing how different your day starts when you are no longer jolted out of bed.
  • Give Up the Snooze Button

    • Hitting snooze can jar your sleep & wake cycle. Many times after snoozing you are more tired and groggy than if you wouldn’t have hit the snooze at all. Try it for a week and see the difference yourself. 5 minutes less of sleep may be a morning with no grogginess!!
  • Go to sleep 8 hours before you are set to “wake up”

    • Create a bed time routine. Take a shower, brush your teeth, read a fun book to wind down (non-business, non-self help).
    • Lower the lights. This creates the illusion that it is time for sleep & your body will recognize it as such.
    • Turn off all electronics 1 hour before sleep. They will keep your brain stimulated and not allow you to reach the deeper levels of sleep
      . This means T.V, texting, ipads even bright TV box lights.
    • Close the curtains or buy black out curtains if lights from outside are coming in.
  • Stay away from Alcohol & Caffeine

    • Alcohol may seem like it “puts you to sleep” but really, once you are asleep you will have poor sleep quality and not hit the deep REM sleep for as long if at all.
    • Caffeine will keep you up durring the day, but may hinder your sleep at night.
  • Drink 2.5 Liters of Water Daily

    • Give your body the hydration that it needs. We are made up of mostly water. When all systems are well hydrated, all of our systems work much better. Headaches will dissipate, moods will lift, stress will decrease. All of these create a better sleep pattern.
  • Eat more Natural Foods

    • Try eating more fresh foods like berries, fish, jasmine rice vs white rice & veggies. Give your body the nutrients it needs to replenish from the day and rejuvenate for the nextday!
  • Set a Bedtime Intention for the Following Day

    • Before you go to sleep at night, set an intention for the next day. Set the intention of “I start my day with vibrancy, ease and glory”. Your body will only follow what your mind tells it. Tell your body something that you want it to do….and it will follow!
    I hope to see you jumping out of bed and making it to the early morning class….or off to work with energy and excitement!