January Camper Highlight – Michelle Z.

Lindz & MichelleThis month, Michelle was chosen for our Camper Highlight because of her commitment and hard work.  Michelle started the Whole Life Challenge with us, however, she was unable to finish and STILL lost 16 lbs!  She’s extremely consistent, attending Lindsay’s 5:30am classes, at least 3 times a week. She’s a busy mother of 4 and her commitment is wonderful!  Congratulations Michelle! Thank you for your amazing spirit and dedication!

1) Why did I join LBBC?

A dear friend of mine told me for a few years that I should join LBBC. Every once in a while she would say something great about it, and then one day I saw the one month special and that it was right by my house and I decided to try it. I timidly showed up the first day and felt the warm welcome and challenge from the start. I couldn’t believe everything we could do in 60 minutes! I wanted to feel energized, to get my strength back, to breathe the outside air and to get my exercise done without having to push the double jogging stroller that I had pushed for years. After the first class, I went to the second class and haven’t stopped.  I think I’ve only missed a handful in two solid years. The people, the laughter, the creativity, the effects of that early morning challenge are felt throughout the day and I JUST LOVE IT. The majority of the time I wake up just before my alarm and sun, humidity, rain, wind or 39 degrees, I’m there.

2) What is your goal

My goals are many: to run fast enough to catch my amazing three year old when she’s sprinting down the block; to look good in “those jeans” for my favorite person in the whole wide world and to NOT have a muffin top; to not shudder when I put on my bathing suit; to be able to wear a tank top all year long; to have my sons join me for a 5k and be competitive with them; to set the example for my 8 year old that she can be strong and courageous just like her mom.

3) What is your favorite exercise?

Being able to do BURPEES and Brazilian push ups without falling over, it is a love-hate relationship and now I love them.

4) What do we not know yet about you?

I was raised in Seattle, real Seattle, West Seattle, not the Seattle area, graduated from the UW and moved here 11 years ago. Yes, I miss it in the summer, the rest of the year, NO! I love tank tops too much!

5) What has been your biggest accomplishment so far?

At first I thought that being able to do planks and 10 pushups in a row and a mile of running a day were pretty awesome accomplishments. However, with the support and motivation of Lindsey and the Bixby LBBC gals, I committed to the Whole Life Challenge this past October and. 56 days of CLEAN eating. Could I do it? I discovered  I could and that the secret is what goes in my mouth and my habits (as a mom of four I had several bad snacking habits). I also added one more day of boot camp and wow, the result: I lost 16 pounds but most striking was the muffin top and “mom” fat on my back disappeared. I haven’t looked like this for 10 years! So pumped to keep it up! Thanks LBBC and Lindsey!