It’s Almost Time

It’s almost race day!
In a few days I’ll be running my first half marathon.
It’s something I never thought I’d do, but secretly wished I could.
And then, when I began to training, ran my first 10K, and injured myself, I decided I never would run that half marathon.
i decided I wasn’t a runner.
But with a lot of encouragement (read: forcing) to give it a try, I began training.

As we ran every week, and as the miles added up, I almost could’t believe what I was doing.
I have envisioned myself crossing the finish line, finally running those 13.1 miles, and I still can’t believe it is really happening.
The whole process has taught me a lot about believing in myself, and working to achieve a goal.
I’ve realized that those things go hand in hand.
I can’t just “believe in myself” and expect I’ll be able to run the race without working for it.
At the same time, I can’t just work towards a goal without believing that I can achieve that goal.
I need both things to make my dream a reality.


I’ve also learned, again, the power of team work.
I’ve posted several times about the role team work has played in my own fitness journey.
And I’ve posted about the team work I’ve seen amongst other Boot Campers and the positive impact its had on them.
I suppose I could have trained for this race myself.
But it would not have been nearly as much fun or such a positive experience if I had.
My friend turned trainer, coach, and running mentor, Susan, offered to help me train.
It has been a priceless gift to me and I am so grateful to her.
This is just one more example of the powerful impact for good that Long Beach Boot Camp has played in my life.
Our people are amazing!

I wrote this reflection after Susan and I’s final training run last weekend.
I think it sums up nicely all that I have learned over the past few months.

We ran our last training run through the fog this morning.
It was cool and wet and calm and beautiful.
Even if I wasn’t running the 1/2 marathon next week, I’d be grateful for all the miles I’ve put in on the way there.
I think the real breakthrough moment for me was the moment I realized I could run and not think about the fact that I was running.
For so long, running to me meant I was telling myself to keep going, begging to stop, and forcing myself to go just a little farther .
It was a battle for every step! But there came a day when I realized I was just…… running.
I was putting one foot in front of the other, moving forward and thinking about other things.
It was amazing.
I stand here before you as the girl who hated to run, and adamantly proclaimed she’d never be a runner.
I guess I was wrong!
I’ll see you at the finish line!

To all my fellow runners, enjoy the race!
And to all my fellow non-runners, I believe there is a runner inside you!
Now get out there and run, walk, or just move in some way, and keep on Living Fit!