How Am I Going to Grow?

When I began Boot Camp, everything was new.
My muscles were always sore.
Every workout had some exercise I’d never tried before.
Each class pushed me to my limit.
And there was no shortage of inspiration or challenges.

But as I near my 2 year anniversary as a Boot Camper, I’m asking myself some questions I haven’t had to ask before:
How am I going to grow?
How am I going to push myself?
How will I keep my muscles sore, and my workouts from becoming routine?
How am I going to keep it fresh?

I’ve thought back on the things that have pushed  me in the past 2 years.
It really wasn’t too long before I needed to do more than just “show up to class”.
That’s when I started running bleachers and going to hill day.
Both of those things pushed me in ways that a regular workout did not.
It required a new kind of mental and physical endurance.
At first I walked a lot on the hill.
And I didn’t run all those stairs–I walked some of those too.
But, just like those push ups and burpees, the more I did it, the more I could do.
The key was getting started.


The next change came when I upped my weights.
I started Boot Camp with 5 pound weights.
I thought they were so light.
But after a few rounds of shoulder presses, those 5 pounds were a lot heavier than I thought.
It wasn’t too long though, before Sami made me move up to 7 pounds.
Then I brought the 8 pound weights I found laying around in the garage.
And then one day Timmie said it was time for 10s.
I thought she was crazy, but I did what she said.
That transition to 10 pound weights was a hard one.
And for a lot of the exercises we do in class, I still find it hard.
I lift slow, and my rep count isn’t so high.
But that burn I feel tells me I’m doing something right.
I’m not sure when I’ll be ready for 12s, but I’m confident there will be a trainer around who will let me know!


Some of challenges in the past two years haven’t been solely personal.
I’ve taken part of group challenges, like the 5:00 minute plank challenge.
That was an incredibly rewarding challenge.
Not only because I never believed I could hold a 5:00 minute plank, but also because it was a lot of fun to do it with other Boot Campers.
There was a camaraderie that grew between us as the seconds added up.
I liked the way we cheered each other on, and pushed each other when we felt like quitting.
And the day we reached that 5:00 goal was a really proud one for me.
It’s a challenge I think I’d like to do again.
And maybe even go for 6:00 next time.
Anyone with me?

One of the biggest challenges I’ve faced in the past 2 years has been adopting a fit lifestyle.
That means making fitness a way of life, not just an hour I spend at Boot Camp everyday.
I’ve come to some new understandings about nutrition and the way I am nourishing, or not nourishing, my body.
While I didn’t have to make big nutrition changes, like giving up soda or a fast food habit, I have made an effort to make small changes:
drinking more water, eating something besides buttered toast for breakfast, and trying to cut back on sugar.


Improving my nutrition has been one of the biggest, and slowest, changes for me.
It’s one of the areas I want to grow in as I look forward to the start of another year of Boot Camp.
I’m excited about taking part in the LIfe Body Core Challenge and really pushing myself out of my nutritional comfort zone.
OK, maybe I’m excited and a little scared of that challenge, but I know it’s going to be one of the things that will make me grow.

As I look to the year ahead, I’m going to keep coming back to this question:


What new things can I try, and push myself to do?
How about you?
In what areas do you want to grow?
I’d love to hear your hopes and plans.
Maybe we can work on some together!
Keep on Living Fit!