Hard Hats Required

What are you made of? What’s holding you together and holding you up?

If you want a stronger foundation or improved bodylines, consultants (i.e. coaches or nutritionists) can help you understand what needs to be done, but it’s you who does the actual work. It is you who ultimately takes responsibility and care of your self. What is going on inside your walls? Do your insides match your outsides? Have you been aching for a remodel?

Lungs, muscles, bones, and hormones – your body was designed to breathe, move, and be in a harmonious balance. Every part works to support the unit as a whole. When you consider a remodel, ignoring the plumbing or support beams will get you in a world of hurt. Beginning a remodel on your body requires similar consideration. Construction on the outside must be done in accordance with what is happening on the inside.

For permanent changes, you must begin your body’s remodel with the interior. Consider the complexity of your body and the interactions of your body’s 11 systems (respiratory, skeletal, muscular, nervous, circulatory, endocrine, immune, digestive, urinary, lymphatic, and integumentary). Most importantly, consider the interaction of your body with your spirit. Giving your spirit priority will give it the sustenance it needs – time to understand, decompress, meditate, breathe, balance, and be so that the other 11 systems can work accordingly.

When you are spiritually out of balance, your world can feel chaotic. When your muscular and skeletal system are out of balance, you will eventually feel pain. Pain will affect your ability and desire to move and breathe and maintain your system’s balance, so address it head on. Chiropractic care, physical therapy and other non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical methods can aid you in restoring balance and eliminating pain. The good news is you don’t have to rely on masking symptoms; you can actually fix most imbalances without a major remodel (surgery should be a last resort). So get started.

Unfortunately working without a plan and cutting corners will likely pull one further out of balance. Try finding a fitness program that focuses on balance, flexibility and equality throughout your muscular system, along with strength (which all programs tend to do). Make sure you are nutritionally sound, seek out a registered dietitian in your area. You may not know your body’s nutritional requirements. Too little food will trip a negative hormonal response – like a security system calling 911. If you feel you are acting out of reaction instead of choice, discuss your triggers with someone who can help you understand and explore how you can shift.

A little paint can go a long way, but if you don’t do the necessary work and maintenance, your house won’t be fun to live in and it will deteriorate before its time. Give yourself the necessary support you need to weather life’s storms. Find healthy ways to deal with stress that don’t do damage to your structure. Here’s to a celebrated and healthy home that lasts for generations!

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From the Long Beach’s City Beat Magazine – Mind.Body.Spirit Column written by Shannon Paul & Jo Hendrix of LBBC