Growing With Pride

When we allow ourselves to be open, amazing things happen


I’m so proud to live in Long Beach. Our city is evolving and the vibe here is progressive and contagious. There’s a movement happening and we are choosing to be a part of it. We see strength in our diversity. We add bike lanes and organize beach clean ups. We realize our food sources matter and we support our local farmers’ market and restaurants with sustainable practices. We’re PROUD to put our consciousness and ideals into action. Not only do we grow as a city with a greater purpose in mind, but we also grow as individuals.

Seeing the impact we can make as individuals allows our personal walls to drop. We value authentic connection and the effort to be the best we can be—whether it’s with our children, at a backyard barbecue with friends, at a PTA meeting or with a stranger we greet on the bike path. When we drop stereotypes, remove expectations and take the lids off of the boxes we put people in, and simply ALLOW ourselves to be OPEN . . . we evolve.

To “be the change we wish to see in the world,” as Gandhi put it, is what we strive toward. We seek new information, new ideas and common ground knowing big changes may require a collective effort. We don’t have to have it all figured out. We stand to learn the most from people who are the most different from us. When we ALLOW ourselves to get out of our own way, give the benefit of the doubt, think about others before ourselves and hold ourselves in high regard all the time, amazing things happen. Friends become closer, relationships stronger and opportunities OPEN for us.

What we focus on expands. Stretch your mind like you do your body in yoga. Be uncomfortable and ALLOW yourself to simmer in that feeling. What would it look like to stop the thoughts that come from a place of fear and lack and instead choose to live in a mindset of abundance and fulfillment? What would you do if you feared no judgment or failure, knowing you have the support of your friends and community?

Seek out new experiences. OPEN yourself to places you’ve never gone. Face a fear. Talk to strangers. Challenge your body in a new way. Take a risk. Say out loud what you want and how you feel. Tell yourself how incredibly amazing you are . . . everyday.

Be proud.