Free Group Workouts-WLC

Free light workout, certified trainers & time spent with your Boot Camp family during the Whole Life Challenge.

Open to all friends & family.

Signal Hill Hike-Week 1

Cost: FREE – Counts towards workout pointsGroup Workout 1-Hike
Where: Signal Hill (Hill & Obispo) Park
When: Sunday, January 19th, 9am-10am
Why: Because we love getting our points & meeting people!

We had a GREAT morning hike at Signal Hill on Sunday, January 19th. 2.75 miles and 315 feet climbing in 1 hour. Stretching points applied towards the challenge! Where will the next workout be…?

Palos Verdes Hike
– Week 2

PV Hike

Cost: FREE
Where: Del Cerro Park, Palos Verdes
When: Sunday, February 2nd, 9am-11am

We had a great 4.8 miles and hour 55 minute hike on Super Bowl Sunday on the Toron Trail at Del Cerro Park in Rancho Palos Verdes. Great weather, great view & great company, this is a site that will definitely go on the list of hike hot spots to return to!