Embrace Your Strength


I know that Long Beach Boot Camp is not just for the ladies, but today I’m going to aim this post specifically at all my Boot Camp ladies.
Girls, this one is for you!
As women, we all know our bodies can do amazing things.
However, I think many of us have grown so accustomed to focusing on all the things that our bodies aren’t, that we don’t stop and think of all the things that our bodies are.

Last week I showed up for the 7pm bleacher class.
After our half mile warm up run, trainer Monk informed me we were going to run 20 sets of bleachers on the tall side.
“We’re just going to get that out of the way,” he said with a smile.
It was over a 1000 steps without a break.
It was almost a mile of stairs.
It was really, really hard for me.
It was something I never would have done on my own.
It was something I never would have believed that I could do.
But Monk stood there watching me, encouraging me, and basically not letting me quit.
When I was done, my legs were shaking.
When I went back to my mat to do plank rows, my trembling legs could hardly support the rest of my body.
But they did.
And I survived the rest of class.
I was beat, but I still ran sprints, and did the rest of that crazy workout.
My body is strong.

photo 1-3

When I began Boot Camp almost 2.5 years ago, I could not have run those 20 flights of stairs in a row.
I remember my lungs and quads burning after 1 flight.
I remember walking along the top, catching my breath, and trainer Sami yelling at me, “there’s no walking in Boot Camp!”
But after running countless sets of bleachers, my lungs and my quads are stronger than they ever have been in my life.
I don’t have small legs.
In fact, during my time at boot camp, my legs have continued to get bigger, not smaller.
There was a time when that really would have bothered me.
But the longer I do this, the more I am embracing the body I am creating, not the body anyone else is telling me I should have.
My legs are big and strong, and they can run up steep hills and many flights of stairs.
They hold me up when I carry my 40 pound 3 year old on my shoulder son long hikes.
They carry me along as I run with my kids.
They helped me run a half marathon and are helping me train for another one.
These legs of mine are taking me places I’ve never been.
They are taking me places I never dreamed I’d go.
That’s something worth celebrating, isn’t it?

I truly hope that all you beautiful, strong women who are running, lifting weights, doing push ups and burpees, see the incredible things your body is capable of.
I challenge you to find something about your body that you love.
Find something about yourself that is beautiful.
Find something that is strong and powerful.
Embrace it.
Enjoy it.
Be proud of it.
And then make it even better!
How about you start at the bleachers?
I’ll see you there!

Keep on Living Fit!