Eating Your Veggies For Breakfast

I know it’s not just me who is already feeling the results of holiday eating.
Thanksgiving ushers us right into December and the holiday parties, the baking, and even the walks to look at holiday lights with hot cocoa in hand, have begun.
It’s easy to over indulge.
Or, at the very least, fill up with sweets and snacks instead of nourishing, healthy food.

One of the best ways I’ve found to fight against this is to start my day with 2 things: exercise and a good breakfast.
If I start my day with exercise, then I am less likely to eat poorly for the rest of the day.
And if I fill up on a healthy breakfast, then I am less likely to grab a treat before lunch.
None of this is new information.
But every time I stick to this routine, the difference in how I feel is so striking that I can’t believe it.

“That’s great,” you say. “But I cant fit in a morning workout.”
Ok, do your workout at night.
But you can still get in a healthy breakfast.
And you can eat your veggies while you do it!
Here’s my post workout breakfast from a few days ago.



Before you say you don’t have time to prepare such a breakfast, let me give you the good news: this took less than 5 minutes to prepare.
I cooked the sweet potato ahead of time and just had to warm it in the microwave.
The spinach takes 1 minute to sautee in the pan with some olive oil and a bit of garlic.
The egg also takes about a minute–maybe 2.
I use the same pan that I used to cook the spinach to cut down on the dishes too.
Breakfast with veggies is served!

I have found the key to serving veggies with breakfast is to do your prep work.
You can bake sweet potatoes ahead of time and warm them with breakfast.
You can grate squash to put in scrambled eggs.
You can make ratatouille on the weekend and serve it with eggs for breakfast. (recipe here)
You can stock up on bagged spinach and cook it in minutes to eat alongside, or in eggs.
For ultimate ease, you can spread a piece of Ezekial bread with avocado and some tomato slices.
And if you do a Pinterest search for breakfast recipes with veggies, your mind will explode!
There is a lot out there if you are open to the idea.

I’d love to know your favorite way to add veggies to your breakfast.
And remember, when you overindulge at a holiday party, start the next day off right with a workout and a good breakfast.
Or at least, a good breakfast.
Eat your vegetables!
And keep on Living Fit!