December Camper Highlight – Esmerelda G.


This month, Esmerelda was chosen for our Camper Highlight because of her commitment, and the energy she brings to class.  She has a light hearted sarcasm, and she’s filled with positivity and encouragement!  She jumped into the Whole Life Challenge, and it’s evident she’s making healthy choices, as it’s really showing in her progress. 


Why did you join LBBC?

I joined because I realized I was falling deeper and deeper into the rabbit whole of laziness lol. I’ve always considered myself a pretty active person but the about a year and a half ago it seemed I just couldn’t convince myself to do anything. Finally my friend Denise told me she was about to do the Life Challenge and this was the push I needed to get back in the zone! 

What is your goal?

My goal is to get abs like J-LO WOOT WOOT lol..jk I just want to stay active and not fall back into that rut! I know I’ve seen a difference since starting bootcamp and can’t wait to see what kind of results I get this time next  year. .. But of course I wouldn’t mind those abs! ^_^

What’s your favorite exercise?

I have no real specific favorite,  I actually like the fact that we’re always mixing it up. If I had to choose one workout, I guess it’s be the bleachers…well it’s more like a love hate relationship. I hate the beginning because you know everything that’s coming your way, but feel accomplished right after … you know that moment you realized you didn’t die!  Lol

What do we not yet know about you?

One thing I bet you wouldn’t have guessed is that I love Anime! 

What has been your biggest accomplishment so far?

It would have to be that fact that I got over my fear of weight training….I always thought using weights would make you look like a body building nightmare, but now I see it take hard work to even get the illusion of muscles hiding under the fat lol